Inspection 2


Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Inspection 11

Smith Fire Systems performs testing and inspection of the sprinkler systems including standpipe testing.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm 7Smith Fire Systems provides annual testing of the fire alarm panel and associated device.

Backflow Preventers

Additional Services 5 Smith Fire Systems provides annual certification of backflow devices for sprinkler systems, domestic water systems, and irrigation systems.

Fire Pumps

Inspection 15Conducting a test of a fire pump is vital to assure that the pump still performs as designed and as intended in the event of a fire.

Sensitivity Testing

Services 17Sensitivity testing of your fire sprinkler systems can be completed by Smith Fire Systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Inspection 3Smith Fire Systems conducts an inspection of the fire extinguishers on an annual basis.

Fire Hydrants

Inspection 9Smith Fire Systems inspects Fire Hydrants for proper operation on an annual basis. Annual testing includes flushing.

Hood Suppression

Inspection 17Smith Fire Systems conducts annual and semi-annual testing of the kitchen hood suppression system to ensure it works per design.

Clean Agent Systems

Inspection 12Smith Fire Systems conducts annual and semi-annual testing of the clean agent systems.