New Construction

Our goal on every project is to be on time and on budget. We review other subcontractor’s plans to avoid potential conflicts and help resolve any conflicts we do find in preconstruction meetings. Our installation crews are trained and certified to install a product we will be proud of. We also inspect, test, and service all of the products we install.
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Tenant Improvement

During the life span of the building not everything will stay the same. When changes need to be made to the building don't forget about the fire sprinkler system. If changing location of walls or the types of items stored in a warehouse there could be an impact to the fire sprinkler system and modifications will be required. Smith Fire is fully capable of handling these changes and can assist in making sure the building is code compliant.
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Fire and life safety systems are required by code to have periodic inspections and testing. With certified technicians, Smith Fire can inspect, test, and maintain all your fire and life safety systems. By providing a wide range of inspections, we can save you time and money by reducing the number of trips for inspections and only having one company to call for service.
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Fire Alarm

Smith Fire will work with you to ensure your fire alarm system fits your space. From high decibel horns in retirement homes to voice evacuation for a casino, we work to make sure your system fits the space you are creating or adjusting to fit your most recent need.
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